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Table 1

Parameters used for mass spectrometry analyses.

Identification software X!Tandem Piledriver (2015.04.01.1)
Filtering and inference software X!TandemPipeline 3.4.3 “Elastine Durcie”
Filters Proteins: log (e-value) < −5
Proteins: minimum 2 peptides
Peptides: e-value <0.01
Digestion Trypsine
No semi-tryptic peptide allowed
1 misscleavage allowed in first pass and 5 in refine pass
Modifications Fixed
Carbamidomethylation of Cys residues = +57.04
Oxidation of Met and Trp residues = +15.99
N-ter acetylation = +42.01
N-ter deamidation of Gln residues = −17.02
Nter deamidation on carbamidomethylated Cys = −17,02
Loss of H2O on N-ter Glu residues = −18.01
Deamidation of Gln and Asn residues = +0.98
N-ter Met excision

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