Rapeseed / Colza
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Table 3

Effect of different concentrations/doses of chemical mutagen (EMS) and physical mutagen (Gamma rays) and combined mutagen treatment in M2 generation on quantitative traits in rapeseed evaluated in the Experimental Station of Douyet (DYT).

Treatments Days to flowering Days to maturity Plant height (cm) Number of branches / plant Number of pods / plant Number of seeds / pod Pod length Pod diameter 1000-seed weight
Control 107bcd 177.6ab 155.5a 10.8a 627.9b 28.78a 65.06abc 4.28a 2.59bc
EMS1-6 98.5ef 152.7c 145.4ab 9.6a 433.5b 25.93abc 63.35abcd 3.93abcd 2.71bc
EMS1-7 92.70f 171.2b 154.8a 12.2a 1504.6a 27.97ab 68.8a 4.25ab 2.34c
EMS1-14 115a 186ab 127.67b 8.17ab 496b 19.22d 52.55f 3.62d 1.36d
EMS1.2-6 108.6abc 177ab 136.5ab 8.7ab 436.2b 21.77cd 54.82ef 3.96abcd 2.08c
EMS1.2-7 97.7ef 177.7ab 152a 10.9a 1457.6a 29.19a 67.9ab 4.3a 2.26c
EMS1.2-14 112.5ab 183.8ab 136ab 9.8a 457.7b 18.99d 50.88f 3.79bcd 2.41c
EMS1.4-6 110.4ab 181.6ab 150.8a 11a 772.9b 23.89bc 60.61cde 4.13abc 2.39c
EMS1.4-14 102.71cde 187a 140.14ab 12.14a 505.29b 19.18d 52.41f 3.83abcd 3.63a
EMS1.6-6 113.1ab 185.2ab 154a 10.2a 253.6bc 21.83cd 56.38def 3.95abcd 2.65bc
1300 Gy 112.2ab 184.7ab 156.8a 10.6a 459.4b 22.87cd 61.19bcde 3.91abcd 3.24ab
CombT 100de 177ab 72.5c 5.5b 112b 22.65cd 56.33def 3.96cd 2.51c

Concentrations/doses of treatments used are explained and described in Table 1.

Values with different alphabetical superscripts are significantly different (p ≤ 0.05) according to DMRT.

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