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Evaluating the in vitro digestion of lipids rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) using dynamic and static protocols

Ericsem Pereira, Jean-Michel Fernandes, Raquel Gonçalves, Ana C. Pinheiro, M. Salomé Duarte, M. Madalena Alves, Antonio J.A. Meirelles, Guilherme J. Maximo and Antonio A. Vicente
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Pre-duodenal lipid digestion of emulsions: Relevance, colloidal aspects and mechanistic insight

Marcos R. Infantes-Garcia, Sarah H.E. Verkempinck, Fréderic Carriére, Marc E. Hendrickx and Tara Grauwet
Food Research International 168 112785 (2023)

Real-Time Tracking of Digestive Behavior of Different Structured Triglycerides Based on Ordered Porous Layer Interferometry

Yifan Zhang, Lele Zhou, Hao Liu and Weiping Qian
ACS Food Science & Technology 3 (9) 1600 (2023)

Real-time monitoring of interactions between dietary fibers and lipid layer and their impact on the lipolysis process

Lele Zhou, Lu Wang, Ning Ma, Yizhen Wan and Weiping Qian
Food Hydrocolloids 125 107445 (2022)

Phospholipases and Reactive Oxygen Species Derived Lipid Biomarkers in Healthy and Diseased Humans and Animals – A Focus on Lysophosphatidylcholine

Kathrin M. Engel, Jürgen Schiller, Christina E. Galuska and Beate Fuchs
Frontiers in Physiology 12 (2021)

Food Bioactives and Health

Ibrahim Guillermo Castro-Torres, Víctor Alberto Castro-Torres, Minerva Hernández-Lozano and Marcos Fernando Ocaña-Sánchez
Food Bioactives and Health 159 (2021)

New Insights into Wine Taste: Impact of Dietary Lipids on Sensory Perceptions of Grape Tannins

Ahmad Saad, Julien Bousquet, Nora Fernandez-Castro, Antoine Loquet and Julie Géan
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 69 (10) 3165 (2021)

Assessment of Fatty Acid-Specific Lipolysis by In Vitro Digestion and GC-FID

Judit Tormási and László Abrankó
Nutrients 13 (11) 3889 (2021)

Preparation of n‐3 Polyunsaturated Phosphatidylglycerol from Salmon Roe Lipids by Phospholipase D and In Vitro Digestion

Liping Chen, Fumiaki Beppu, Kazuo Miyashita and Masashi Hosokawa
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 122 (2) (2020)

Foods with Potential Prooxidant and Antioxidant Effects Involved in Parkinson’s Disease

Alejandra Guillermina Miranda-Díaz, Andrés García-Sánchez and Ernesto Germán Cardona-Muñoz
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2020 1 (2020)

Lipolysis of soy protein and HPMC mixed emulsion as modulated by interfacial competence of emulsifiers

Fernando A. Bellesi, Víctor M. Pizones Ruiz-Henestrosa and Ana.M.R. Pilosof
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Microalgae Biotechnology for Food, Health and High Value Products

Alex Wang, Kosmo Yan, Derek Chu, et al.
Microalgae Biotechnology for Food, Health and High Value Products 29 (2020)

The Effect of n-3 PUFA Binding Phosphatidylglycerol on Metabolic Syndrome-Related Parameters and n-3 PUFA Accretion in Diabetic/Obese KK-Ay Mice

Liping Chen, Naoki Takatani, Fumiaki Beppu, Kazuo Miyashita and Masashi Hosokawa
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Synthesis of novel medium-long-medium type structured lipids from microalgae oil via two-step enzymatic reactions

Yongjin He, Jingbo Li, Zheng Guo and Bilian Chen
Process Biochemistry 68 108 (2018)