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Phenolics of mustard seeds: A review on composition, processing effect and their bioactvities

Thu Nguyen, Ruchira Nandasiri, Olamide Fadairo and N. A. Michael Eskin
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 101 (1) 5 (2024)

Challenges and advances in biotechnological approaches for the synthesis of canolol and other vinylphenols from biobased p-hydroxycinnamic acids: a review

Anne Lomascolo, Elise Odinot, Pierre Villeneuve and Jérôme Lecomte
Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts 16 (1) (2023)

Efficacy of canolol and guaiacol in the protection of cold-pressed oils being a dietary source linoleic acid against oxidative deterioration

Natalia Mikołajczak, Małgorzata Tańska, Dorota Ogrodowska and Sylwester Czaplicki
Food Chemistry 393 133390 (2022)

Hydroxycinnamic acids in supercritical carbon dioxide. The dependence of cosolvent-induced solubility enhancement on the selective solvation

Darya L. Gurina, Marina L. Antipova and Valentina E. Petrenko
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 150 94 (2019)

Impact of the addition of 4-vinyl-derivatives of ferulic and sinapic acids on retention of fatty acids and terpenoids in cold-pressed rapeseed and flaxseed oils during the induction period of oxidation

Natalia Mikołajczak, Małgorzata Tańska and Iwona Konopka
Food Chemistry 278 119 (2019)

In situ oxidation of canola meal sinapic acid by horseradish peroxidase (type II) and tyrosinase

Xinyuan Cao, Jingbang Liang, Rotimi E. Aluko and Usha Thiyam‐Holländer
Journal of Food Biochemistry 43 (6) e12884 (2019)

A Two-Step Bioconversion Process for Canolol Production from Rapeseed Meal Combining an Aspergillus niger Feruloyl Esterase and the Fungus Neolentinus lepideus

Elise Odinot, Frédéric Fine, Jean-Claude Sigoillot, et al.
Microorganisms 5 (4) 67 (2017)

Concurrent extraction and transformation of bioactive phenolic compounds from rapeseed meal using pressurized solvent extraction system

Jingbo Li and Zheng Guo
Industrial Crops and Products 94 152 (2016)

Influence of rapeseed meal treatments on its total phenolic content and composition in sinapine, sinapic acid and canolol

Erika Zago, Jérôme Lecomte, Nathalie Barouh, et al.
Industrial Crops and Products 76 1061 (2015)

Fluidized bed treatment of rapeseed meal and cake as possibility for the production of canolol

Frank Pudel, Volkmar Habicht, Thomas Piofczyk, et al.
OCL 21 (1) D103 (2014)

Impact of Canolol‐Enriched Extract from Heat‐Treated Canola Meal to Enhance Oil Quality Parameters in Deep‐Frying: a Comparison with Rosemary Extract and TBHQ‐Fortified Oil Systems

Bertrand Matthäus, Frank Pudel, Yougui Chen, Ayyapan Achary and Usha Thiyam‐Holländer
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 91 (12) 2065 (2014)