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Are oilseeds a new alternative protein source for human nutrition?

Lina Toutirais, Stephane Walrand and Carole Vaysse
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Effect of Pure Corn Oil on Growth Performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica)

Mohammad Sangary, Ghulam Haidar Olfat, Mohammad Asif Safi and Abdul Jawid Neyazi
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Replacement of animal proteins in food: How to take advantage of nutritional and gelling properties of alternative protein sources

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Protein Hydrolysate from Underutilized Legumes: Unleashing the Potential for Future Functional Foods

Ain Tasnim Azman, Nur Suaidah Mohd Isa, Zamzahaila Mohd Zin, Mohd Aidil Adhha Abdullah, Omaima Aidat and Mohamad Khairi Zainol
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Importance of binary and ternary complex formation on the functional and nutritional properties of legume proteins in presence of phytic acid and calcium

Tiffany Amat, Ali Assifaoui, Christophe Schmitt and Rémi Saurel
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Protein Sources Alternative to Meat: State of the Art and Involvement of Fermentation

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Simultaneous Mass Spectrometric Detection of Proteins of Ten Oilseed Species in Meat Products

Johannes Spörl, Karl Speer and Wolfgang Jira
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Benefits of a plant-based diet and considerations for the athlete

Keely A. Shaw, Gordon A. Zello, Carol D. Rodgers, et al.
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Foods for Plant-Based Diets: Challenges and Innovations

Alexandra Alcorta, Adrià Porta, Amparo Tárrega, María Dolores Alvarez and M. Pilar Vaquero
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Foxtail millet: a potential crop to meet future demand scenario for alternative sustainable protein

Niharika Sachdev, Sangeeta Goomer and Laishram R Singh
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Rice Glutelins and β-Conglycinin or Glycinin Forming Binary Structures with Different Structural and Functional Properties

Xiaoyan Zhu, Ren Wang, Wei Feng, Zhengxing Chen and Tao Wang
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Potential Role of Technology Innovation in Transformation of Sustainable Food Systems: A Review

Nawab Khan, Ram L. Ray, Hazem S. Kassem, et al.
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Agronomic and Environmental Performance of Lemnaminor Cultivated on Agricultural Wastewater Streams—A Practical Approach

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Oilseeds beyond oil: Press cakes and meals supplying global protein requirements

Fátima Arrutia, Eleanor Binner, Peter Williams and Keith W. Waldron
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In Vitro Protein Digestibility and Fatty Acid Profile of Commercial Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

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Transition vers des systèmes agricole et agroalimentaire durables : quelle place et qualification pour les légumineuses à graines ?

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Making Food Aid Fit-for-Purpose in the 21st Century: A Review of Recent Initiatives Improving the Nutritional Quality of Foods Used in Emergency and Development Programming

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