Au sommaire de la revue italienne RISG - La Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse

Le 4e numéro de l’année 2019 de la revue RISG (La Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse) est paru.

Au sommaire :

  • Determination of the palm oil addition in food

P. Rovellini, R. Berneri, E. Cotti Piccinelli, R. Piro, B. Miano,

E. Sangiorgi

  • Short Note - Innovative technologies in EVO oil extraction: an economic and environmental impact analysis

T. Stillitano, G. Falcone, A.I. De Luca, A. Piga, P. Conte,

A. Strano, G. Gulisano

  • Short note - Phenolic composition of extra virgin olive oil samples from Istria (Croatia)

Ž. Peršurić, L. Saftić

  • Oxidative stabilisation of sunflower oil enriched with olive mill wastewater and olive pomace phenolics-rich extracts with soy lecithin

D. Günal, S. Turan,  M. Kiralan, M.F. Ramadan

  • Effects of blanching on antioxidant property of Malabar Spinach (Basella rubra) ethanolic extract

J.O. Ogundele, A.A. Aliu, K.C. Komolafe, A.C. Akinmoladun

  • Exploring the Camelina sativa value chain: a new opportunity for bio-based products and overall crop sustainability

E. Pagnotta, L. Ugolini, R. Matteo, L. Lazzeri, L. Foschi,

L.G. Angelini, S. Tavarini

  • Fatty hydroxamic acid mixture from underutilized Adansonia digitata seed oil: a potential means for scavenging free radicals and combating drug resistant microorganisms        

A. Adewuyi, R.A. Oderinde, S.O. Fayemi

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