La Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse (RISG) 2/2022: New issue published

The latest issue (2/2022) of Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse (RISG), the Italian Journal of Fatty Substances published by the Oils and Fats Unit of Innovhub SSI, is available in open access:

Here are the contents:

  • Impact of several physical treatments on the improvement of some quality parameters of crude olive oil

Maher M. Al-Dabbas, Rawan B. Al-Jaloudi, Khaled M. Al-Ismail, Sabal Bani Mustafa

  • Effect of the enrichment with natural antioxidants obtained by maceration or ultrasound-assisted extraction from olive leaves on organic extra virgin olive oil

Mariem Arfaoui, Mouna Boulares, Asma Bezzezi, Souha Ayachi, Mahmoud Ghrab, Nour Elhouda Jouini, Mnasser Hassouna, Sonia Boudiche

  • Improvement of Tunisian ‘Chemlali’ extra virgin olive oil stability with rosemary and laurel herbs and essential oils

Mouna Boulares, Asma Bezzezi, Meriem Arfaoui, Aziza Boulares, Mahmoud Ghrab, Olfa Ben Moussa, Mnasser Hassouna, Sonia Boudiche

  • Impact of the hybrid on the fatty acid composition and thermal stability of cold-pressed sunflower oils produced from 17 newly cultivated hybrids from the region of North Macedonia

Sanja Kostadinović Veličkovska, Natalija Markova Ruzdik, Ljupco Mihajlov, Emilija Arsov, Sasa Mitrev, Ivan Donev

  • Optimisation of low-fat high-protein cookie formulation: effects of using butter and composite flour on nutritional, physical and sensory properties

Emir Ayşe Özer, Neslihan Özbuldu, Beyza Özpalas

  • Review - A systematic review on essential oils and biological activities of the genus Syzygium (Myrtaceae)

N.H.A. Kadir, W.M.N.H.W. Salleh, N.A. Ghani

  • Short note - Expired bakery products as a promising alternative source for biodiesel production

Ayman M. El-Anany, Rehab F.M. Ali