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How can process-based modeling improve peat CO2 and N2O emission factors for oil palm plantations?

Erin Swails, Kristell Hergoualc'h, Jia Deng, Steve Frolking and Nisa Novita
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Contribution of CO2 emission from litter decomposition in an oil palm plantation on tropical peatland

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Climate change resilience: lessons from local climate-smart agricultural practices in Ghana

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Oil palm cultivation enhances soil pH, electrical conductivity, concentrations of exchangeable calcium, magnesium, and available sulfur and soil organic carbon content

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Quantifying the Economic Value of Ecosystem Services in Oil Palm Dominated Landscapes in Riau Province in Sumatra, Indonesia

Ando Aulia, Harpinder Sandhu and Andrew Millington
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Synergy of Active and Passive Remote Sensing Data for Effective Mapping of Oil Palm Plantation in Malaysia

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Costs and Carbon Sequestration Assessment for REDD+ in Indonesia

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Land cover changes reduce net primary production in tropical coastal peatlands of West Kalimantan, Indonesia

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El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event reduces CO<sub>2</sub> uptake of an Indonesian oil palm plantation

Christian Stiegler, Ana Meijide, Yuanchao Fan, et al.
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Diurnal biomarkers reveal key photosynthetic genes associated with increased oil palm yield

Bee Keat Neoh, Yick Ching Wong, Huey Fang Teh, et al.
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Allometric equations for estimating oil palm stem biomass in the ecological context of Benin, West Africa

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Fluxos de CO2 em Plantio de Palma de Óleo no Leste da Amazônia

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A review of remote sensing applications for oil palm studies

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Integrating Landscapes: Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation and Food Sovereignty

Eric Toensmeier
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A review of the ecosystem functions in oil palm plantations, using forests as a reference system

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Forest conversion impacts on the fine and coarse root system, and soil organic matter in tropical lowlands of Sumatera (Indonesia)

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Do the impact of organic residues on soil quality extend beyond the deposition area under oil palm?

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Natural 13C distribution in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) and consequences for allocation pattern

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Life cycle GHG emissions from Malaysian oil palm bioenergy development: The impact on transportation sector's energy security

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Why do Farmers Prefer Oil Palm? Lessons Learnt from Bungo District, Indonesia

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