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Table 1

Scientific fields of innovations reported in clinical trials dealing with IF.

Themes Number of trials Corresponding trial and topic
Prebiotics, GOS, other carbohydrates than lactose 22 NCT01197365, NCT01497314, NCT01515644 (inulin), NCT00486148 (GOS), NCT00836771, NCT01497314 (low lactose), NCT01934257 (lactose free soy or milk-based IF), NCT02363582 (prebiotic and lactoferrin containing IF on stool consistency), NCT01606683 (IF with GOS, beta-palmitate, acidified milk), NCT02796872 (GOS supplementation), NCT02586558 (prebiotic on colic and crying), NCT01715246 (2 Human Milk Oligosaccharides − HMOs), NCT02757924 (prebiotics and behaviour), NCT02746016 (IF and olisaccharides), NCT02118935 (prebiotics and early behaviour), NCT02441296 (maltodextrin or lactose added IF and metabolism), NCT00808756 (fermentable carbohydrate), NCT02703987 (fermented vs. non fermented IF and lactose tolerance), NCT01119170 (d-lactate producing probiotics), NCT00948051 (short-chain FOS enriched IF and immunity), NCT02317406 (probiotics on digestibility and immunity), NCT01788761 (probiotics on extremely low birthweight infants)
HM probiotics, synbiotics 27 NCT01897922, NCT01625273 (synbiotics), NCT00836771, NCT02096302 (Probiotic CECT7210 on Gastrointestinal Health), NCT01017991 (probiotics for crying infants), NCT00858026 (fermented IF for weaning babies), NCT00929292 (alpha-L and probiotics' enriched for infants with colic), NCT01079208 (starter IF with synbiotics), NCT01346644 (Lactobacillus fermentum for newborn infants), NCT01755481 (added probiotics and whey protein concentrate), NCT01956682 (hypoallergenic with starch and probiotics), NCT01476397 (probiotics), NCT01886898 (synbiotics), starter with pro and prebiotics, NCT01081067 (probiotic), NCT01010113 (synbiotics), NCT02221687 (combiotic study), NCT01036243 (slightly hydrolyzed and probiotics), NCT01813175 (synbiotics), NCT01983072 (synbiotics and colonization), NCT00318695 (probiotics and atopy/immunological responses), NCT02031887 (synbiotics on stool microbiota), NCT00365469 (probiotics on atopy, immunological responses and gut microflora), NCT00711633 (new fermented milk for preterm infants), NCT00792090 (fermented formula for allergy prevention), NCT00810160 (GOS and Bifidobacterium infantis), NCT02430831 (L. reuteri supplementation and crying), NCT01279265 (L. rhamnosus GG)
Supplementation with dairy lipids or fraction, structured TG, beta-palmitate, LC-PUFA supplementation, programming 30 NCT00970398, NCT02598817 (high sn-2 IF), NCT02111837 (specific lipid faction enrichment), NCT00707837 (preterm IF with added soluble lipids), NCT02092857 (Arachidonic Acid Supplementation on the Immune Response), NCT02031003 (new fat blend or new fat blend plus fiber), NCT01603719 (milkfat and prebiotics), NCT00480948 (InFat™on stool), NCT02144402 (B-DHA IF), NCT01058187 (long chain PUFA), NCT01140243 (long chain PUFA for preterm), NCT01373541 (InFat™ on stool), NCT01116115 (InFat™), NCT00874068 (InFat™ based infant formula on bone strength), NCT02503020 (AA in very preterm infant), NCT01611649 (mix dairy lipids/plant oil on w3 in red blood cell), NCT00941564 (calcium retention and different fat blends), NCT01300130 (improving DHA and ARA in preterm), NCT00753818 (DHA and ARA and development), NCT02339727 (w6/w3 and neural development), NCT01184378 (dairy lipid and soluble milk proteins), NCT01617889 (alternate fat blend), NCT00666120 (IF with DHA/ARA and +/− iron), NCT02587702 (B-palmitate and mineral metabolism), NCT02069522 (carotenoid supplementation), NCT02332967 (structured lipid with B-palmitate), NCT01908907 (DHA supplementation in preterm), NCT00379171 (fish oil supplementation), NCT00913406 (lutein fortification), NCT00872664 (IF supplemented with carotenoids on skin and serum carotenoids), NCT02033005 (breastmilk vs. IF and adipose tissue volume, development and intra-hepatocellular lipids), NCT00624689 (effects of milk fat globule membrane-enriched IF with reduced energy and protein content)
Protein content, alternative source of prot, extensively hydrolyzed whey, reduced protein content, enriched protein faction, LF-addition 60 NCT01380886, NCT01210391, NCT01155414 (hydrolysat), NCT02469402 (reduced protein content, improved quality), NCT00938483 (extensively hydrolyzed), NCT01278446, NCT01278446 (extensively hydrolyzed), NCT02433600 (enriched protein fractions), NCT01987154 (extensively hydrolyzed casein IF for preterm), NCT01573871 (hydrolyzed IF), NCT00977964 (experimental milk protein IF), NCT02006992 (hydrolyzate IF), NCT00548106 (partially hydrolyzed whey), NCT02414243 (new aa-based IF), NCT02103205 (Bovine Lactoferrin and Low Iron Concentration IF), NCT02410057 (protein-reduced, alpha-lactalbumin enriched IF), NCT00716105 (different levels of proteins), NCT01143233 (reduced proteins, hydrolyzed with pre and probiotics), NCT02456831 (soy IF), NCT01208493 (high protein content for VLBW preterm infant), NCT00465764 (alternate protein IF), NCT01354366 (hypoallergenic IF), NCT01909661 (extensively hydrolyzed rice protein or casein), NCT02274883 (enriched protein fraction), NCT01205659 (allergy/asthma), NCT02500563 (aa-based or extensively hydrolyzed on microbiota), NCT00936637 (extensively-hydrolyzed IF), NCT00338689 (early programming and low protein IF), NCT00997971 (partially hydrolyzed rice protein), NCT02431377 (alpha-lactabulmin-enriched formula), NCT02010749 (protein concentration and growth up to 2 years), NCT00798382 (soy IF), NCT02719405 (resolution of cow's milk allergy : aa-based IF, extensively hydrolyzed casein IF or Lactobacillus GG containing IF), NCT02028156 (feeding intolerance), NCT00916565 (functional proteins), NCT01507935 (hydrolysed cow's milk and microbiota), NCT01569776 (aa IF), NCT01684319 (formula free of cow's milk proteins), NCT01809951 (soy-based infant formula), NCT01583673 (aa-based formula and growth), NCT01489098 (level of dietary protein on body composition), NCT00340652 (infant diets and estrogen activity), NCT02149134 (hypoallergenic IF), NCT01727115 (cow's milk intolerance), NCT02621814 (low glycation and aggregation protein), NCT02536482 (aa-based formula), NCT00664768 (hypoallergenic new IF), NCT02397876 (partially hydrolyzed whey IF), NCT02646969 (staged protein concentration over first year of life), NCT01470768 (aa-based IF), NCT01109966 (aa-based formula), NCT01156493 (hydrolyzed protein IF), NCT01637688 (aa-based IF), NCT02626143 (nutrient-rich whey protein IF), NCT02785679 (cow's milk allergy), NCT02711163 (extensively hydrolyzed IF), NCT01998074 (extensively hydrolyzed rice protein IF), NCT01584245 (aa-based IF), NCT02405923 (rice protein hydrolysate formula), NCT02351531 (thickened extensively hydrolyzed IF)
Other (l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, alternate source of DHA, milk hypersensitivity, iron-fortification of IF) 26 NCT02437721, NCT02132663 (alternate source of DHA), NCT00938483, NCT01216709 (iron fortified IF), NCT00658905 (rHBSSL in IF for preterm), NCT02239588 (pure canterbury stage 1 milk powder), NCT01094080 (Modified Content of Protein and Improved Fatty Acids), NCT00000873 (high calory IF for HIV-infected infants), NCT00292812 (nucleotides supplemented IF), NCT00518414 (DHA, ARA and prebiotic IF), NCT02045784 (iodine supplements), NCT01177917 (mineral absorption), NCT00366873 (calcium absorption), NCT01413581 (rHBSSL), NCT01820494 (infant with chronic diarrhea), NCT01812629 (infant with chronic diarrhea), NCT00984230 (IF + LF + probiotics + OS), NCT01025557 (isovolumetric and isocaloric preloads of milk on food intake), NCT01042561 (vitamin D status), NCT02054091 (bovine colostrum to preterm infant), NCT00554814 (iron deficiency milk supplemented with biofer), (partially hydrolyzed and with L. reuteri), NCT01585142 (Babynes system), NCT02679183 (honey supplemented If for preterm), NCT01627015 (novel low glycemic index formula), NCT01148667 (Casein hydrolysate added with L. rhamnosus GG), NCT01166451 (iron supplemented IF)
Unknown 54 NCT01137877, NCT01609634, NCT01681355, NCT02860026, NCT02322138, NCT02481531 (protein fraction), NCT02401217, NCT02860026, NCT02094547, NCT02490852, NCT00957892, NCT01808105, NCT02670863, NCT02073071, NCT01721850, NCT01162798, NCT01558440, NCT00655720, NCT00937014, NCT00705562, NCT02178189, NCT00820833, NCT01861600, NCT02658500, NCT02715895, NCT02405572, NCT01766011, NCT01370967, NCT00543673, NCT02456805, NCT00665938, NCT01300000, NCT02594683, NCT01721512, NCT00340665 (infant diet on estrogen activity), NCT01735123, NCT00712608, NCT00920166, NCT01466400, NCT02340143, NCT01762631, NCT01700205, NCT02710955 (anti-regurgitation formula), NCT00994747 (early flavour learning), NCT02066610 (selenium supplementation), NCT00503789, NCT00952328, NCT00740974, NCT00134771 (supplementation small for gestational age), NCT01177930, NCT00342303 (activity of essential fatty acid elongation/desaturation during early life), NCT02425423 (anti-regurgitation), NCT01759134, NCT00506584, NCT02759809

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