Lipid and Brain IV, “Lipids in Alzheimer disease”: some pictures !

The French Society for the Study of lipids (SFEL), since 2007, organizes each 4 years an international conference held in Paris “Lipids & Brain Journées Chevreul” with the participation of several European scientific associations (2007 DGF, 2011 Norway L&B, 2015 SCI).

Lipids & Brain conferences have now become a benchmark in this field of research, the only one in Europe to date, and is backed by all international societies.
In October 2017, SFEL organized in Lorraine University a special Lipid and Brain IV dedicated to “Lipids in Alzheimer disease”. The latest findings in this world growing disease had the objective to assemble the medical community and the scientists and to improve connections, discussions and exchanges between physicians, nutritionists and fundamental scientists, in an attempt to develop prevention and treatments of this human pathology.
During this meeting with attendees coming from 13 countries, the SFEL had decided to honour by the French Chevreul Medal 2017, a scientist who dedicated his carrier to a very original research in this field: Pr Stephen Cunnane (Université Sherbrooke, Canada): “Is ketone production part of the role of Omega3 fatty acids in the brain”.
This meeting was also the first opportunity to have some of the French members of ISSFAL 2022 (Nantes France) scientific committee to meet with the next Issfal President: Richard Bazinet.
You will find the program on SFEL's website ( and the meeting reports later on this year in OCL (
Please find below some pictures presenting speakers, audience, gala dinner at the former Hall of Nancy, and among hot topics: the Chevreul medal attribution to Stephen Cunnane by Philippe Guesnet and our President Michel Linder.
One of the highlights of this meeting was also the “grand public” presentation open to non scientific local population (200 attendees) on Monday evening to inform on characteristics and prevention of Alzheimer disease at the Former Hall of Nancy: Présentation de France Alzheimer by Bertrand Doyette (France) ; « Prévention de la maladie d’Alzheimer : Agir avant de vieillir » by Pr Stephen CUNNANE (Sherbrooke Canada) ; « La maladie d'Alzheimer dans la Cité » by Pr Jean-François DARTIGUES (Bordeaux, France).
SFEL is very grateful to all the sponsors, who made this meeting possible and also to the Mayor of Nancy who provides them, free of charge, the fantastic Town Hall, on Stanislas Square, for the french presentation on Alzheimer disease and for the gala dinner (see pictures).

See you next time for the Lipids and Brain V!