Lipids Ωnline 2021 : a new webinar series from ISSFAL

Kicking off on January 20, 2021, ISSFAL will host monthly webinars on the third Wednesday of each month. The webinar series, entitled: Lipids Ωnline will be available to anyone with an interest in the objectives of ISSFAL and more importantly for you, is that is free to all.

Pre-registration will be required for each webinar. Registration will open in early January 2021 for our first webinar: MCT, Ketones and Brain Aging presented by Professor Stephen Cunnane, University of Sherbrooke, Canada. Attendees will have the opportunity to chat live with presenters as well as more formal Q&A. More details about our launch webinar are below. Webinars will cover a variety leading science related to dietary fats, oils and lipids. Because our presenters will be international in nature, times will vary for this offering on the third Wednesday of each month.

Once a webinar is completed, registration and other speaker details will open for the next month’s webinar. The remainder of the program for the first 6 months is being finalized and will be circulated also in early-January 2021.