Symposium "Dairy Lipids and Health - From the first 1000 days and beyond...." on Friday September 23, 2022 (Paris)

On the next September 23, Cniel and SFEL are joining forces to share with you the latest scientific advances on the nutritional roles of dairy lipids.

During this Symposium, Marie-Caroline MICHALSKI will receive the CHEVREUL 2022 Medal for the excellence of the scientific work carried out in recent years in the field of Human Nutrition and Lipids, and in particular dairy lipids.

This symposium will be held in French except for the CHEVREUL Medal Award and the last conference by Anestis Dougkas which will be in English.

For information about Program and Registration, CLICK HERE

For Registration to the Chevreul Medal Conference video at 2pm (Paris time) please answer NO to the question « Will you attend this event in Paris at La Maison du Lait on September 23th » and you will receive by email a link before september 23.